Lancashire Family History Research Denise A Harman - Genealogist & Record Agent
Lancashire Family History Research Denise A Harman - Genealogist & Record Agent

Terms & Conditions


  • Research, Photography, Document & Certificate processing are all charged @ £16 per hour (1 hour minimum).
  • Palaeography (translation) charged @ £20 per hour (1 hour minimum).
  • Costs for photocopying and/or digital copying varies, depending on the sources and/or the size and condition of the document(s) in question.  
  • All Postage and Packing costs will apply.
  • GRO Certificates cost £10.00 each for the regular service of approximately 7 working days.  The Registration Services also offer a same day collection service, at a total cost of £20, which includes £10 for the certificate and a £10.00 surcharge.
  • Probate Requests, post 1858, £10 each.
  • Probate Requests, pre 1858, prices vary, depending on the size and condition of the document(s) in question.  Please Contact for further details.
  • Photography Permit @ the Lancashire Archives, a daily fee of £10 applies. Prices may vary elsewhere. 
  • A CD containing photographic images costs £3.95, with an additional cost of £1 for all extra CD's.  


Time - in the 1st instance, I usually conduct research in no more than a 4-hour block.  At this stage, or earlier, I will provide you with a detailed Report outlining my searches and any results located.  If your budget is smaller than this, please let me know before I commence.  Once we have established a sound business relationship, then I will be happy to conduct lengthier searches on your behalf. Each Report will be accompanied by an Invoice for costs to date.  


Payment – once an Invoice has been issued, Payment will then be required by Bank transfer or a Cheque made payable in Sterling to D A Harman.  I also accept payment via PayPal*.  Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account in order to use this payment method (*PayPal surcharge applies).  


Travel - whilst I do not charge any travel costs for journeys to the Lancashire Archives (Lancashire Record Office) in Preston, I do charge for any travel costs and time for journeys elsewhere.  Please Contact me for further details.


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