Lancashire Family History Research Denise A Harman - Genealogist & Record Agent
Lancashire Family History Research Denise A Harman - Genealogist & Record Agent

Terms & Conditions


  • Research, Photography, Document & Certificate processing are all charged @ £20 per hour (1 hour minimum).  
  • Palaeography (translation) charged @ £25 per hour (1 hour minimum).
  • Costs for photocopying, downloaded images, and/or digital copying varies, depending on the sources and/or the size and condition of the document(s) in question.  
  • All Postage and Packing costs will apply.
  • GRO Certificates cost £11.00 each for the regular service of approximately 7 working days.  The Registration Services also offer a same day collection service, at a total cost of £35, which includes £11 for the certificate.
  • Probate Requests, post 1858, £1.50 each.
  • Probate Requests, pre 1858, prices vary, depending on the size and condition of the document(s) in question.  
  • Photography Permit @ the Lancashire Archives, a daily fee of £12 applies. Prices may vary at other repositories.  


Time -

In the 1st instance, I usually conduct research in no more than a 4-hour block.  At this stage, or earlier, I will provide you with a detailed Report outlining my searches and any results located.   If your budget is smaller than this, please let me know before I commence.  Once we have established a sound business relationship, then I will be happy to conduct lengthier searches on your behalf. Each Report will be accompanied by an Invoice to cover the relevant costs.  


Payment –

Once an Invoice has been issued, Payment will then be required in full by Bank transfer or a Cheque made payable in Sterling to Denise A Harman.  I also accept payment via PayPal*.  Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account in order to use this payment method (*PayPal surcharge applies).  

Please also note, that there are NO Credit Terms.


Travel -

Costs for travel to the Lancashire Archives in Preston will be charged at £5 per visit, towards fuel and car parking fees.

Travel costs to other repositories will include all travel costs, as well as all incurred travel time for the relevant journeys.

Please Contact me for further details.


Communication -

Please contact me by email or hand-written correspondence only.  Thank you.

Providing a Professional Genealogical Research Service for over 30 years.

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