Lancashire Family History Research Denise A Harman - Genealogist & Record Agent
Lancashire Family History Research Denise A Harman - Genealogist & Record Agent

Do you want to know more about your Family History?


Whilst the majority of my research is Genealogical, I also conduct research for social and local history purposes too.


You may have conducted some or no research yourself, or you may have lost your way, or you simply require a fresh pair of eyes to look at a problem. 


From time to time, I am also requested to help trace and to locate living relatives, ie real life 'long lost families'.


My services also include assisting those who wish to apply for an Irish Passport. 


My research skills and knowledge will hopefully help you to discover that elusive ancestor.  



I am an experienced Palaeographer, for those who require either full or part assistance in reading, interpreting and translating old hand written documents, back to the 16th Century.



Have you considered the possibility that your ancestors’ homes, schools, places of work & places of worship still exist?  Does your family have a family gravestone?  Photographs of these significant places can add some further interest to your family’s story. 


Document/Certificate production:-

You may just require documents and/or certificates obtaining on your behalf.  I am here to assist, no matter how big or small your requirements are.

Providing Professional Genealogical Research Services for over 25 years.

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